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VT Proxy Editor™

Enterprise-wide low-resolution editing, browsing, and asset management is made easy and affordable with VT Proxy Editor running standalone or embedded inside newsroom automation software.

Key Features:
  • Proxy Editor with Enhanced Editor Interface with Multi-Track Timelines
  • Independent Track Editing Allows Audio and Video to Slip and Slide
  • Record Voiceovers Direct to Timeline with Proxy Playback
  • Larger, Scalable Program Proxy Monitor
  • Frame Accurate with SMPTE Source Timecode and Smooth Clip Scrubbing

Read about VT Proxy Editor and PathFire at KOTA

Cost-Effective Network Editing
click for larger imageThe VT Proxy Editor application provides frame accurate low-resolution “desktop” editing functionality for all users on the network within five seconds after an SDI record process begins. Standard Ethernet connections make it affordable to have every user on the network simultaneously participate in the collaborative editing process. Create simple “cuts only” packages or multi-track “rough cut” edit decision lists (EDLs) using the intuitive timeline interface. These timeline sequences are instantly available for playout and are conformed dynamically as they play to air. Users can create instant replays and highlight packages before a recording is even completed! Optionally, users can render these sequences as flattened new media files on the server or export them as AAF EDL files to be completed in an online “finishing” nonlinear editor like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

VT Proxy Editor is ideal for:

  • Newsroom/Highlight Editing with Instant Playout
  • Ingest Feed Trimming and Management
  • Rough Cut EDL with AAF Export to Finishing NLE

Increase Productivity Newsroom
Use the VT Proxy Editor standalone or embedded within a newsroom computer system (NRCS) program such as Avid iNEWS or Associated Press ENPS. Producers can use the REQUEST CLIP feature to create Clip IDs with metadata before they exist. This metadata follows the media through the entire ingest, edit, and playout process. This centralized approach to production ensures that everyone is always aware of the current status as deadlines approach. Once the media is completed and approved, the media status changes to READY and the Clip ID is automatically added to the MOS PlayList.

Desktop Audio Voice-Overs
Other features include direct to timeline audio voiceover capability with audio mixing. Now journalists can sit with a microphone and record a voiceover directly to the timeline while watching the low-res proxy. From their desktops, users are able to add audio transitions and direct timeline voiceover recording without tying up an editor’s workstation. With independent track editing, audio and video can slip and slide for realtime effects.


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