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VT TimeDelay™

click for larger imageVT TimeDelay software provides an intuitive interface to effectively manage multiple Apella HD/SD video server channels for record and playback delay from seconds to hours.

Key Applications

  • Broadcast Program Time Shifting
  • Live Event Multi-Channel Isolated Recording
  • Sports Slow Motion Instant Replay

The VT TimeDelay™ software combines the control of Apella video server capture and playback channels to allow feeds being captured to be played out with a user-specified time delay or playback on demand. The application can have unlimited channel groups (each group consists of a record channel and/or playback channel grouped together).

Other features allow capture to begin at a specific time of day and run for a determinate length, playout to begin at a specific time of day, and manual controls for both capture and playback.

VT TimeDelay software is also ideal for live sports events with slow motion instant replay or organizing isolated camera record feeds for mission critical events. A single operator easily controls multiple record feeds simultaneously and recalls clip playback on demand. The intuitive asset management system with low resolution proxies allows multiple users to search and access media while it is still being recorded.

Scheduled Settings provides automatic ingest and playback functionality that can be scripted to occur at a specific time of day. You can create these scripts offline and later assign them to any channel for automated recording and playback.

All metadata, channel assignments, and other configuration settings are stored in a Project file.   If you have different requirements for each record or playback session, this feature allows users to quickly move from one session to another.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Control for Synchronized Record and Playback
  • Dynamic Slow Motion Control for Individual or Ganged Channels
  • Ganged Record, Play, Pause, Shuttle for Global Channel Control
  • Programmable or Interactive Manual Program Delay
  • Playback from a Few Seconds to 24 Hours
  • Scheduled 24-hour Start and Playback Time
  • Easy Jog, Shuttle, Reset for Delayed Playback
  • Save / Load Project Files to Quickly Reset Entire Configuration
  • Begin Playback While Incoming Feed is Still Recording
  • Modify Playback Channel Delay On-the-Fly
  • Time-Delayed Clips Immediately Available for Use with VT Proxy Editor or Playout on Any Channel
  • Streaming Proxies Show What Clip is Recording and Playing Out
  • Desktop E-E Confidence Monitoring with VU meters
  • Inherent Asset Management and Remote Proxy Browsing
  • Automatic SD/HD Up/Down Standard Conversion
  • Automatic Closed-Caption Preservation on Up/Down Conversion
  • Supports Apella HD and SD Video Servers

 Why choose Video Technics?

See Apella Server Overview, Remote Clients Overview, and Storage Overview for more information.



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